Serving at Grace


Helping Others Grow

Facilities: Are you handy? Can you take on a project and complete it? Choose ONE area of our facilities that you would like to fix, clean, or maintain. Teams are also needed for specific projects that come up every so often.  Contact: Dave Burriss, 740-222-1198 or Teresa Johnson, 740-708-2445

Landscaping: Can you trim a bush and pull weeds around the church? You’re hired! Contact Teresa Johnson, 740-708-2445

Group facilitators and coordinators: Read the CONNECT booklet (located under the CONNECT sign in the Life Center lobby) to gain an understanding of what a true gathering of friends looks like. Can you coordinate such a gathering? Contact: Dan Evory, 740-517-0519

Family Ministries: Handing our faith down to a new generation is very important at Grace. Can you chaperone student events or lead a small group? Can you lead a k-5 Sunday School class two times per year. Contact: Nikki Schobeloch, 740-708-2690; Dan Evory, 740-517-0519

College Ministries: Ann Evory, 835-1655

Meeting Practical Needs


Meals: Cook, coordinate, or set-up for bimonthly meals and Sunday snacks. Contact: Jodi Harmon: 740-708-2616

Hosts: Grace facilities are routinely used by thousands of people from Pike County and beyond. Can you be an “angel” for individual groups of visitors by taking care of their needs as they use our facilities?  Contact: Dan Evory, 740-517-0519; Suzie Ahn 947-7508

Office: Answer the phone and take messages, 11:30-2:30 M-TH twice a month. Contact: Suzie Ahn 947-7508

Visitation: Are you a good listener? Do you have the gift of compassion? Would you like to visit older saints in their homes? Contact: Dan Evory, 740-517-0519

Service Coordinator: We have a passion for serving our community. Can you organize work teams, identify areas of service, and/or coordinate communications? Contact: Dan Evory, 740-517-0519 or Rita Auton, 740-970-5352

Administration: Filing and data input. Contact: Jill Barch, 740-226-6144

Communications: Communicating our vision is very important and quite a big job. Are you creative? Can you use a computer? Do you know how to use Powerpoint, Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, Twitter, Instagram . . . Can you design a bulletin or an e-newsletter? Do you produce videos? Are you a good photographer? Are you willing to be trained?  Contact: Suzie Ahn, 947-7508

Technology: Are you computer literate? Know about routers and whatnot? We need consultants to help with issues that arise when there are soft/hardware issues that make us scratch our heads.   Contact: Suzie Ahn, 740-947-7508

Worship Gathering

Room set-up: Set up on Saturday nights usually takes about an hour. Contact: Dan Evory

Audio/video booth: Control lights and/or media. Arrive at 8:30am Sunday morning and for special events.  Contact: Daryl Fourman, 740-607-3980

Sound: Set up, operate, and maintain sound equipment. Contact: Steve Thomas, 740-947-9316

Creative arts: Do you dance, sing, play an instrument? How about multimedia like Powerpoint, Photoshop, video production.  Are you a good photographer? Stage design? Art or graphics? Contact: Rita Auton, 740-970-5352 or Julie Evans, 740-835-1033

Communion Set-Up:  Once a month: cut bread at home, set on table Sunday morning with juice (provided in fridge).  Contact: Erin Snodgrass, 708-9536



Scripture Reader: Contact Julie Evans, 740-835-1033, if you are feeling led to read God's word during the 9:30 gathering.

Greeter: Sunday morning worship –shake hands, smile, and say “welcome!” Contact: Julie Evans, 740-835-1033

Witness: Speak for 3-5 minutes on “how is God working in your life?” Talk to Dan or Julie or simply stand up during worship if you feel the call.

Speaking/Teaching: Do you feel called to teach/preach God’s word?  Contact: Dan Evory 740-517-0519 or Julie Evans 740-835-1033

Finance: Money counters, auditors, and people to carry money on Sunday from Life Center to the safe in the main building.  Contact: Susan Huffman, 740-708-8354